Philippine National Police Chief Reveals Opium Drug Trade In Philippines

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Philippine National Police Chief Reveals Opium Drug Trade In Philippines

A drug is any substance which alters the physiology or behavior of an animal. Drugs can be administered intravenously, by inhalation or by means of injection. The first use of a drug was in treating humans. Prior to this time, medical practitioners and scientists developed different techniques for producing drugs and their delivery systems. Drugs are generally separated from materials that give nutrition and from foods that provide stimulant support.

Although it has been nearly two centuries since the introduction of legaluana into the general market, the sale and abuse of illegal drugs continue today. In Canada, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug, with imported heroin and synthetic methamphetamines (as well as a variety of synthetic drugs such as ephedrine and cocaine) making up the second most common category. Amongst other drugs, the most widely used are heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and methamphetamines.

Philippine National Police Chief Virgilio Farias stressed that many recent arrests were of drug pushers who have been users and addicts of drugs, rather than dealers. He claimed that most pushers do not have any previous record of violence or crime. However, Philippine President Benignity Philippines said that the increase in the number of drugs seizures over the last year indicates that a significant number of pushers and users are using drugs and committing crimes. He called on all government agencies of the country to join hands to fight drugs. He likened the growing illegal drug trade to the proliferation of arms and weapons in the world.