The Scope of Pharmacy Technician Jobs

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Pharmacy is an indispensable part of the health care system. It is the final frontier of drug discovery and distribution. It mainly deals with the supply of essential medicines and devises the methods to serve the people suffering from different diseases by offering cures, remedies, and therapeutic products. It is also responsible for the development of medical knowledge and its promotion. It aims at rationalizing the use of medicines in practice, developing clinical standards of drug manufacture and dispensation, developing information concerning drug action, and disseminating the knowledge on drug related subjects at this specific website.


It consists of several departments such as administrative tasks such as registering, maintaining records, handling correspondence, preparing prescriptions, processing payments, and preparing reports. It also involves various research works like developing and executing projects for clinical trials, evaluating and improving pharmaceutical technologies, identifying new drugs, detecting problems in pharmacy, investigating patient safety, and preventing drug diversion. Apart from these, pharmacy technician also takes care of other clinical and administrative tasks such as collecting drug samples, labeling and preparing medications, doing drug tests and administering various drugs. Other clerical tasks include counting pills, mixing powders, crushing tablets, preparing samples for drug tests, preparing technical documents, stocking medicine shelves, maintaining pharmacy supplies, operating customer service desks, and training pharmacy employees.

The scope of this career is very wide and it provides a lot of options to the aspiring students who are looking forward to make their career in this field. In fact, pharmacy technicians are considered as the future of this field and a lot of institutions are offering the post graduation courses and other professional programs to prepare pharmacy professionals. As far as the salary is concerned, it is quite competitive and it varies from state to state. However, it is higher than that of other professional professions and it generally requires some amount of experience and expertise which can be easily acquired through the coursework and the various internship programs offered by various colleges and universities.